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24 | 04 | 2018
Omsk Scientific Bulletin. Series «Society. History. Modernity». ISSN 2542-0488. eISSN 2541-7983

The journal Omsk Scientific Bulletin. Series «Society. History. Modernity»
is a scientific periodical that publishes articles on the following branches of science:

Humanitarian Sciences
Groups of Specialties:

07.00.00 Historical Sciences            
09.00.00 Philosophical Sciences    
10.00.00 Philological Sciences

Socio-Economic and Social Sciences
Groups of Specialties:

08.00.00 Economic Sciences   
13.00.00 Pedagogical Sciences

Omsk Scientific Bulletin. Series «Society. History. Modernity» is a scientific peer-reviewed journal of academic research in the field of humanities and socio-economic sciences. In each issue of the journal original research articles and scientific reviews are published. The journal is aimed at graduate students, researchers and university professors, as well as a wide range of readers interested in various topics in the field of contemporary humanities and social and economic sciences.

ISSN 2542-0488    
eISSN 2541-7983

For citation:

Original name of the journal in Russian  
Омский научный вестник. Серия Общество. История. Современность
Transliterated Journal Title
Omskiy nauchnyy vestnik.
Seriya Obshchestvo. Istoriya. Sovremennost’

Certificate of registration of the mass media «ПИ № ТУ55-00555»

The journal is included in the database of the Russian Scientific Citation Index. 
The edition is included in the catalog «Newspapers. Journals» of the «Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications».  
Subscription index is 80638.

The Publisher of the journal is federal state budget educational institution of higher education «Omsk State Technical University».

Periodicity in 2016 – 2 issues per year. 
Since 2017 – 4 issues per year.

The mission of the journal

The journal considers its main mission as forming a broad discussion and communication platform among researchers working in the field of humanities and social and economic sciences today.

Goals of the journal:

1. Publication of the results of independent and original research, thematically related to the field of humanities and socio-economic sciences. 
2. Stimulation of scientific discussions in the field of humanities and social and economic sciences and promotion of development of a theoretical dictionary and the language of humanities and socio-economic sciences through a network of interdisciplinary dialogues.
3. Involving young researchers and teachers in the scientific life and professional community. 
4. Assistance to development of the institute of independent scientific expertise and the formation of the expert community in the field of humanitarian and socio-economic sciences. 
5. Formation of a corpus of scientific materials in the interests of development of the educational process in the field of humanitarian and socio-economic sciences.

Series «Society. History. Modernity» had been an integral part of the journal «Omsk Scientific Bulletin» (ISSN 1813-8225) until 31.12.2015.

From 2007 to 2015 more than 50 issues of this series were published. Information and archive of numbers – on the official site http://vestnik.omgtu.ru/.

Since 2016 the journal is published as an independent periodical.

Editorial board of the journal Omsk Scientific Bulletin. Series «Society. History. Modernity» invites interested authors to submit their materials for consideration of them for possible publication. Both Russian and foreign researchers are invited to cooperate.

Scheduled admission of articles for the first issue of the 2018 – until January 12, 2018 (planned publication of the journal – February 2018).          
Scheduled receipt of articles for the second issue of 2018 – until March 30, 2018 (planned publication of the journal – May 2018).

The electronic version of the journal is available on the following websites: