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15 | 11 | 2019
Omsk Scientific Bulletin. Series «Aviation-Rocket and Power Engineering». ISSN (Print) 2588-0373. ISSN (Online) 2587-764X

The journal Omsk Scientific Bulletin. Series «Aviation-Rocket and Power Engineering» 
is a scientific periodical that publishes articles on the following groups of scientific specialties:

01.02.00 Mechanics

05.07.00 Aviation and Space Technology

05.04.00 Power and Chemical Engineering   

Omsk Scientific Bulletin. Series «Aviation-Rocket and Power Engineering» is a scientific peer-reviewed journal on whose pages  the main results of scientific research of scientists and practitioners not only of the Omsk region, but other regions of Russia and foreign countries are represented.

ISSN (Print) 2588-0373

ISSN (Online) 2587-764X

For citation:

Original name of the journal in Russian                      
Омский научный вестник. Серия Авиационно-ракетное и энергетическое машиностроение
Transliterated Journal Title
Omskiy nauchnyy vestnik.
Seriya Aviatsionno-raketnoye i energeticheskoye mashinostroyeniye

Mass Media Registration Certificate «ПИ № ТУ55-00569» from 17.05.2018 issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media, Omsk region

The journal is included in the database of the Russian Scientific Citation Index.

The edition is included in the catalog «Newspapers. Journals» of the «Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications».            
Subscription index is 80583.

The Publisher of the journal is federal state budget educational institution of higher education «Omsk State Technical University».

The journal is published from the second half of 2017. 
The Periodicity of the publication of the journal in 2017 was 2 issues, from 2018 – 4 issues per year.

Information and archive of numbers – on the official site http://vestnik.omgtu.ru/.

The journal's policy is aimed at acquainting researchers, practitioners, university professors with the results of theoretical and experimental research in the field of mechanics; aviation and rocket and space technology; power engineering and chemical engineering. The main content of the publication is original scientific articles and scientific reviews.

For 2019:

First half-year:
Scheduled admission of articles for the first issue of the 2019 — until February 15, 2019 (planned publication of the journal — March 2019).            
Scheduled receipt of articles for the second issue of 2019 — until April 26, 2019 (planned publication of the journal — June 2019).

Second half-year:
Scheduled admission of articles for the third issue of the 2019 — until June 20, 2019 (planned publication of the journal — October 2019).            
Scheduled receipt of articles for the fourth issue of 2019 — until October 20, 2019 (planned publication of the journal — December 2019).

The electronic version of the journal is available on the following websites:


The electronic version of the journal is available on the following websites:


Журнал «Омский научный вестник» Серия «Общество. История. Современность» ISSN (Print) 2542-0488. ISSN (Online) 2541-7983
Омский научный вестник. Серия «Авиационно-ракетное и энергетическое машиностроение» ISSN (Print) 2588-0373. ISSN (Online) 2587-764X