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23 | 02 | 2019
Financial Terms for Publication

Articles of post-graduate students from Founder of the journal are published free of charge.

A post-graduate article is an article in which the graduate student acts as the sole author. The article quotation for free publication from the Founder of the journal and the review of the scientific supervisor is attached.

For other categories of authors, the cost of publishing an article is the following:

– for authors from Founder of the journal – 1000 rubles per article (the cost includes the author's copy);

– for authors of other universities and organizations in Omsk – 1500 rubles per article (the cost includes an author's copy);

– for non Omsk resident authors – 2000 rubles per article (the cost includes the author's copy and postal expenses).

The payment is made after positive decision of the reviewers and the editorial board to publish the article.

Without prepayment, the articles are not published.

Cost of publication covers only editorial expenses related to the preparation and publishing of the journal.

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